Dancing With Sea Lions

This project was sponsored by FACE in 2015 to celebrate our Central Oregon Coast’s local artists and Stellar Sea Lions and raise funds for the Florence Event Center’s 20th anniversary. Based on similar art installations around the world (e.g.The Chicago Cows on Parade in 1999), 20 fiberglass sea lion sculptures were purchased by the nonprofit and delivered to the FEC.

Decorated by Local Artists

Local artists were selected to decorate each in a unique way, with designs specific to local arts, architecture, culture, and whimsy. Local individuals and businesses sponsored the individual sculptures. After display at the FEC and in various Florence venues, they were made available for purchase in 2016. 

Finding the Sea Lions

Porter Performs” by Colleen Goodwin-Chronister, was sponsored and is owned by FACE. “Porter Performs” is displayed in front of the Florence Events Center at 715 Quince Street. Fourteen other sculptures are on display in Florence and up and down the coast. 

While some sea lion sculptures have migrated to new homes, a handful are still on display in Florence. Some of these include “Green-eyed Susan,” which you can find across the street from Siuslaw News, “Sunny the Sea Lion” in front of the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce, and “Umi No Nami” at the Siuslaw Interpretive Center.

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Underwriters

Dancing with Sea Lions project has been a community undertaking and would not be possible without the generous support of local businesses and organizations. Underwriters include the Sea Lion Caves, Three Rivers Casino Resort, and the City of Florence. Sponsors include C&M Stables, Driftwood Shores Resort, Little Brown Hen Cafe, and Oregon Coast Magazine. You can view a complete list here

For photos, a description of the sculptures, information about the local artists who decorated them, and a Where Are They Now: map, click here.

715 Quince Street
Florence, OR 97439


Formerly known as Friends of the Florence Events Center.