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Florence Events
The purpose of Florence Arts, Culture & Entertainment (FACE) is to enrich lives, advance culture, entertain audiences, and raise funds for capital improvements and sustained maintenance to keep the fabulous Florence Events Center fabulous.


The name says it all…Florence Arts, Culture & Entertainment. It’s what we love, what we support, what we value, and what we strive to provide to the greater Florence area.

Maybe you do too. If so, we’d love you to join us!

The Florence Events Center offers 21,000 square feet of space for conferences, conventions, trade shows, banquets, weddings, fundraisers, corporate retreats, and more. It features an onsite professional kitchen with catering services and nearly 8000 square feet of dividable flat floor space, conference rooms, robust internet, a great backstage space, and more. The 455-seat state-of-the-art theater hosts internationally touring music, ballet, theater, lectures, and more. We support all of that.

Florence Events

The fabulous Florence Events Center

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Florence Events

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If you or your group are interested in renting all or part of this amazing 21,000 square foot facility for groups of four to 400, contact the Florence Events Center or call 541-997-1994.

Florence Events

The FACE Galleries At The Florence Events Center

Did you know that the Florence Events Center also has
a public art gallery? As part of FACE’s support of the arts, we host an ever-changing art exhibit in FACE Galleries 1 and 5 of the Florence Events Center making it a high-profile stop on the monthly tour of Florence galleries and exhibits.

715 Quince Street
Florence, OR 97439


Formerly known as Friends of the Florence Events Center.