Florence’s Events Center:
Why We FACE It

Let’s FACE it. Arts, Culture & Entertainment all enrich our lives by bringing beauty and joy to life and advancing our community in economic ways. Florence is a small but vibrant community on the Central Oregon Coast. We can’t imagine how dull life would be without our amazing Florence Events Center. We think it’s the best event center of its kind on the coast.

Funding Improvements

The FEC is owned and operated by the City of Florence, supported in part by hotel room tax. But there is also a need to help underwrite expensive enhancements, so taxpayers don’t have to—enhancements that keep this amazing event center in top shape.

Providing An Events Center for Schools and Local Groups

Because our schools lack suitable performance venues we provide a path to public presentations for their music programs, drama clubs, talent shows, awards ceremonies, and graduations. 

Additionally, we provide opportunities for local nonprofit performing groups to conduct fundraisers, advance their group, entertain the public, and keep this amazing facility in use.

Enhancing Tourism
in Florence

We also host events that draw tourism dollars to Florence and volunteer to support the FEC’s own self-produced events. 

In addition, Florence bills itself as Oregon’s Coastal Playground for many reasons. To support that, we provide top-notch Arts, Culture & Entertainment in a first-rate venue and support the FEC in hosting conventions, tradeshows, weddings, fundraising dinners for local nonprofits, executive retreats, and more.

Partnering With the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce

If you own property in Florence, a small amount of your city taxes helps to support the Florence Events Center. We try to offset those costs for you in many ways. One way we do that is to work with the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce to bring events and tourism to Florence and do our part to generate the room tax dollars too.

715 Quince Street
Florence, OR 97439


Formerly known as Friends of the Florence Events Center.